Megan A. Senatori is a partner at the law firm of DeWitt Ross & Stevens, S.C. in Madison, Wisconsin, where she concentrates her practice on complex civil litigation and appeals, with an emphasis on insurance coverage matters, commercial litigation, and public employment law.

Despite the demands of private practice, Ms. Senatori devotes a portion of her practice to cases that advance the protection of animals in the legal system.  She has recently filed amicus curiae briefs in animal law cases in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals (on behalf of Animal Legal Defense Fund, arguing that the court should consider the important relationship between the plaintiffs and their companion dogs in deciding the Constitutionality of Denver’s pitbull ban) and the United States Supreme Court (on behalf of a group of animal law professors in the Stevens case, arguing that preventing animal cruelty is a compelling governmental interest).

She is an Adjunct Professor of Animal Law at the University of Wisconsin Law School and Marquette University Law School where she also serves as the faculty advisor to the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund at both law schools.  In 2001, she co-founded the SAAV Program, Inc. (“Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims)”, a 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization that provides confidential temporary foster care for the pets of domestic abuse victims receiving services from Domestic Abuse Intervention Services.  (www.saavprogram.org).   She currently serves as President.

Since 2006, the national publication Law & Politics has recognized Ms. Senatori as a Rising Star.  In 2008, Wisconsin Law Journal honored her with its first Rising Star award, an annual award given to only one recipient in the State in recognition of outstanding contributions to the practice of law, including: leadership in advancing legal services to the poor, important contributions to Wisconsin’s legal community and important contributions to the community at large.