Russ Mead is General Counsel of Animal Law Coalition, and is a partner in the Seattle based law firm of Allen & Mead. In the past he has served as General Counsel for two of the nations leading non-profit animal sanctuaries. He was on the ground overseeing thousands of volunteers after Hurricane Katrina hit, and has put into motion some of the largest animal rescues in the country. His work included rescues from animal hoarders, puppy mills and dog fighting cases, including the Michael Vick case. Russ holds a BS in Accounting from Arizona State University, an MBA from Lindenwood College, a JD from St. Louis University School of Law, and earned a CPA from Arizona. He taught business ethics in the MBA program at Fontbonne University, and has taught Animal Law as a guest lecturer at Cornell University School of Law. Russ recently presented continuing legal education programs on Animal Law Ethics for the New York City Bar as well as the Nassau County New York Bar. Russ is a frequent speaker at animal law conferences, and law schools with animal law sections.