Sarah Baeckler Davis is a primatologist, a non-practicing attorney, a nonprofit professional, and a bridge builder. She has worked with and for chimpanzees since 1997, when she first met Washoe, a chimpanzee famous for her use of American Sign Language. Sarah has a graduate degree in primatology from Central Washington University and a juris doctor from Lewis and Clark Law School. As executive director at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest for its first five years, she took the organization from its infancy to an established and respected member of the professional sanctuary community. In 2010, she co-founded the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, an organization devoted to professionalizing the non-human primate sanctuary field and improving the overall care of non-human primates in captivity. In 2014 she incorporated Project Chimps, with the intention of providing a safe and enriching home for chimpanzees coming out of private research laboratories.